Manager Call 2019-05-08

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  • Agenda: Seth
  • Minutes: David

Resource GH access

  • Start protecting `master`; HOWTO for people?

Yes! We have no tomatoes

  • SGN defunct? How do we know if our upstreams are good?

Proceed with release?

  • pass

Priorities until next GOC meeting

Proposal for protein complexes


  1. Protecting Master: Allowing people to interact with the GO-Site repo. We want people to be able to create PRs for metadata using the GH web interface.
  2. Chasing down tomato annotations: Are we ok for the release? There are no tomato IEAs getting through our pipeline in its entirety. We have users that are trying to use these for enrichment. No IEAs or IBAs. Is this the same problem as the human? NO. We need to know where the data are getting lost. We need to sort out where groups are getting annotations from and where are we going to inject information.We need to get back to this data flow discussion.
  3. Priorities until next GO meeting---- See spreadsheet.

(Reusable scratch space for running minutes)[1]


Pascale, Chris, Seth, Huaiyu, Kimberly, David, Laurent-Philippe, Paul, Seth, Suzi