Manager Call 2019-07-10

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  • Agenda: Pascale
  • Minutes: David

GO-CAM specs

Kimberly, Pascale, David, Laurent-Philippe, Seth ... This is high priority - we need to dedicate enough resources to get this to a more finalized state soon. Who should participate?

Project status

Is there anything blocking on any project?

We will give short project reports when appropriate.

No blockers reported.

Discussion points

  • Did we decide to send out notices about releases? We need to get the spec done first.


  • Should we split the document into two? We will be discussing this in an hour. We wanted to point out that we think this should be one of our highest priorities and be sure that everyone agrees. It is not a blocker for a lot of the software, but it is very important. There has been some concern by developers that they do not have an overall spec. We will defer this discussion until the meeting in an hour. It is very important for curators.


Pascale, Chris, David, Seth, Kimberly, Judy, Laurent-Philippe, Huaiyu, Suzi