Manager Call 2019-07-24

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  • Agenda: Laurent-Philippe
  • Minutes:

GO presence in conferences

General discussions about GO presence in international conferences. Be more proactive in presence GO and what we do. How about ISMB GO Track ?

Project status

Starting after the vacations (week after next?) we'd like to have reports on 2-3 projects at each managers call. Product owners/techleads who want to report should add to the agenda. Otherwise/in addition we'll have a rota to make sure we hear from each project.

Proposals for first presentations:

  • Pathway2GO (David)
  • GO-stats (LP/Pascale)
  • GO-CAM specs (Kimberly/Pascale)

GO meeting Paris May 2020

Think about requirements (e.g. workshops / user meetings and announcements) May 17-20: Bar harbor meeting, meeting should be before

Also holidays on 1st, 8, 21 of May: most likely end of April or 2-7, 9-15 May

Note that The Allied Genetics Conference is in Washington, DC from April 22nd - 26th and there could be some overlap with attendance at that meeting

GO-CAM specs

Model copy used to create multiple versions of what should fail or pass. Pascale working with Jim to update Shapes. Update the text document (google doc)

GO stats

PR here:

7 files generates: stats and diffs about both the ontology and annotations

Ticket if you want to discuss further requirements:

Pipeline release

If a bug, take the next iteration of the release

GO meeting Berkeley

Look for hotels and logistics page


Pascale, Judith, Suzi, Laurent-Philippe, David, Paul