Manager Call 2019-08-14

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  • Agenda: Suzi
  • Minutes: Seth

GO users meeting Berkeley 2019

GO Users Meeting:

CM was going to poll local developers to decide if meeting will be developer-centric of end-user centric.

Mail from Nomi:

 We need to firm up plans for the GO User Meeting (Oct 7). I’m kind of out of the loop on this (though I’m working on logistics).
 Who is the intended audience, and how are we advertising to them? How many people do we expect to attend (and how many of those will be external users rather than GO project members)? Seth said that the last GO User Meeting had very few external attendees.
 Seth said that AGR people might be visiting on Oct 7. Is it possible that Oct 7 therefore might end up being a GO/AGR collaboration meeting rather than a User Meeting?
 If this topic needs wider discussion, feel free to forward this message and/or let me know if you’d like to devote some time to it during the next GO Managers (?) call.
 Thanks, Nomi

Draft agenda:

AI: Need to commit to one plan and start recruiting invitees by this meeting, 8/14.

Announce decommissioning of AmiGO 1.x

Pipeline progress

I'm just curious, really.

GO-CAM Conference Call

  • Have one today or wait until next week?
    • Decided to wait until next week (August 21st)


  • Laurent doesn’t see where the GO is explained and software for all the tools that we do.
  • Open to the general public, make an announcement (Suzi?)
  • Just out of range
  • AmiGO decommissioned
  • Leading into software tools affected by Stanford discontinuation
    • User use cases
      • Chris pointing to google drive stuff since new york
  • News section? Something to think about moving forward
  • AmiGO decommission page? Yes,
  • Pipeline is getting better?
  • Pascale looking for runtime date information - summary.txt and release-date.json
  • Suzi out for two weeks.
  • Laurent: software items for the go site
  • Laurent: Collaborators site updates?
    • Chris: chebi useful to call out, maybe not pato; manual curation
  • Laurent: Deprecated formats (106)
    • Updating documentation to be a little more consistent

Next week: Talk about who our collaborators are (re: collaborators page on go website).

Projects status


Seth, David, Kimberly, Pascale, Laurent, Suzi, Huaiyu, Chris