Manager Call 2019-08-28

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  • Agenda: Pascale
  • Minutes: David

Review action items from last week

  • Seth: Set up a wiki page for GO users meeting, and start announcing (the pages are set up. Chris will send out the notice)
  • PIs/managers: Start on the GO meeting agenda (this is a reminder. Normally this is in the Google drive)
    • Current projects
    • Ask if people want to present anything.
  • Kimberly: talk to Pankaj to see whether they can clean up their file, and correct annotations
    • We will ask if we can handle any annotation edits in P2GO for now.

GO Meeting general

Review of project process

Aims GO meeting

  • Look at priority tasks for GO meeting.
    • GO-CAM specifications
    • Whole genome annotations from GAF to GO-CAM

Pipeline progress

Project for improving mappings?

...[L]et's discuss whether we should initiate a project for improving the mappings: documentation, workflow processes, quality control, staying up to date.

We are of course doing a good job in specific instances, whether it is ones we bring in (interpro/reactom) or ones we maintain (e.g rhea), but this project would be about a broader approach.

Cross references on GO website/AmiGO page

Collaborators Webpage

We need to decide who we put as collaborators and as contributing groups. There is some redundancy.

GO API & GOlr: availability & comment

On August 17, several down time or freeze of both the GO API and GOlr: Anything particular on that date ?

GO API logs indicate pics of 2000+ packets / mn (usually 100-500 packets / mn). Most queries seems to be slimmer/ribbon related.

Need for a IT/Cloud strategy

While not yet critical / urgent, it is important to have a IT/Cloud strategy for the project to ease the sharing of resources, virtual machines, protocols, loggings etc. LPA created a document for the USC AWS account in April, this could serve as a basis of discussion. Ticket example:

Better integration of GO-CAMs in GO site

Main goal is to support the article for now, not to be perfect: