Manager Call 2020-01-15

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  • Agenda: Laurent-Philippe
  • Minutes: David
  • Present: David, Pascale, Paul T, Kimberly, Seth, Suzi, Huaiyu, Chris, Laurent-Philippe

Discussion points

Status of Projects

Priorities spreadsheet:

  1. Noctua Form release: Almost done now. Only thing left are some issues in the way variables are handled. Small issue. This will all be added to the technical documentation.
  2. Status of the projects are very important. There is a greater issue here. We are half way through this session and we are still discussing definitions of projects. Notes have been taken in documents.

Folder in Google drive with specification documents:

Chris to provide specs for those projects:

  • 8.7 Improve GO API & support the GO-CAM and documentation
    • Chris: status update - must do the requirements
  • 14.2 golr indexing of go-cams (also required for 8.7) (Alliance & alliance-required developments)
    • Chris: added as product owner - must do the requirements
    • Not sure of the priority of this. Might be able to get something else to work for this sprint and free up resources for other things.
    • It would be great to specify this a bit more, so we know what expectations are.
  1. Pipeline issues
    1. Panther stuff is being worked on this week
    2. Do we have clear responsibilities defined for what needs to happen between now and May? This project is quite plastic at this point. Bugs keep cropping up and now wen need to reconsider this in the context of the MGI and WB loads.

Outreach: monthly seminars

Action from last week: Chris starting with Dexter and Peter Robinson to setup meetings

  1. We will do this when there is time.

GO meeting

" Registration fees: waiting for USC feedback