Manager Call 2020-02-05

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  • Agenda: Huaiyu
  • Minutes: Suzi
  • Present: Chris, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Pascale, Paul, Seth, Suzi
  • Regrets: David

Discussion points

Upcoming Meetings

Caltech f2f

Status of Projects

GO meeting Paris May

GO meeting Baltimore October

AmiGO search fixes

GO people away Calendar

  • Pascale created another one.
  • Email if you need access.


Caltech f2f

David, Lori, Chris, Seth, Ben have rooms- Eric still needs to contact Kimberly (Seth will arrange with Kimberly). Meals on own.

First day: History. Tues/Wed: more people, presentations on pipeline to get everyone at the same place. See Agenda for Products, should be Product under every header/section.

Dustin/Eric may need to do a little more before meeting; Seth to discuss.

GO Meeting

Registration for Users and Main meeting will be sent to different lists.

What fees to charge? Refund students? Decision: No let's do free registration. Campus is closed, students will hopefully feel peer pressure to show up. EventBrite registration looks ready to go.

Separate registration page will be made for main meeting. Legal problem with collecting fees through EventBrite? Paul: Ask Nicole.

Still waiting for quotes for coffee, lunch, etc.

Baltimore Meeting

May have a date- no objections yet to week of 5th October, so that's settled. Monday Users; Friday SAB.Need to add to Wiki ASAP, Paul to lock in with Michelle.

AmiGO search fixes

SoLR needs to be updated. Seth to put together project package. Project not likely to be done by May; lots of moving parts/intricacies. LP would like to be involed on some level; all managers will hear about this a lot.

GO Calendar

Should be working for everyone.

Project Updates
  • Noctua: some bug fixes going on. Form is live. Working on search/search capabilities with Tremaine, to involve LP and Ben. Need to add objectives at top, clearer about necessary/wishlist and time involved- will be done by next week.
  • API: Technical issues- Biolink and Monarch not currently compatible. This may not really be on critical path still- move down priority. Not critical for May meeting.

Improve documentation- why not notebooks? This is the more critical part of task.

Third issue- GO CAMs. Issue: expected users to access GOCAMs as files, so not really accessible through API. Again, not critical for May project goal.

LP to filter through tickets and select which ones are critical.

LP, Seth: Updating SoLR more important than API project. This will be discussed on the Software call.

On the note of indexing models: there is a subset of information that users will find interesting/useful, if we cut out the "fluff" the current Noctua system should be stable until May meeting.

Snapshot, Release delayed due to missing EcoCyc IEAs.