Manager Call 2020-02-26

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  • Agenda: Pascale
  • Minutes: Laurent-Philippe
  • Present:
  • Regrets:

Discussion points

Caltech f2f, 24-28 Feb

Update /questions ?

GO meeting Paris, 11 (Users), 12-14 (Main), 15(SAB) May

GO meeting Baltimore, week of 5th Oct



  • Loading UniProt Viral + bacterial GPI: This came up again from the multi-organism working group. They want to start making GO-CAM models. Can the loading of the GPI file be prioritized and assigned?

Ontology - questions for managers/PIs

  • Comments: what type of comments should we show users:
    • Editors’ comment: with links to the GH ticket
    • Term contributor + special projects: GOC:curators; GOC:pg GOC:add,

as well as GO_REF:0000022, GOC:mtg_15nov05, etc.


  • example of "vw" uninformative for users. Could link to ORCIDs and use the "nickname" from users.yaml for a more informative display
  • the source and user should not ben under "definition", create another section ?
  • whenever there is a reference (eg GOC_mtg_sensu), there should be a GO_REF to further describe it
  • 'Activity' in MF terms
    • Proposal is to keep only 'activity only under 'catalytic activity - ok ?

Paper identifying missing 'is_a' relations


Some missing relations are not: is it a version problem ? or maybe they aren't using the inferred version of the ontology ?

Is there any missing link that could be useful for the ontology ?

Non-GO editors people making PR in the ontology tracker

Isn't our policy that *only* GO editors work on the ontology ? Or do we want to allow some other users to make PRs?