Manager Call 2020-04-29

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  • Agenda: Kimberly
  • Minutes: Pascale
  • Present: Kimberly, Pascale, Suzi, Judy, Seth, David, Huaiyu, Chris
  • Regrets:

Review May Consortium Meeting agenda

  • We are within a month of the May consortium meetings
  • Need to start firming up the agenda so people can start planning their schedules and working on presentations

  • Registration is closed !! Need Laurent-Philippe (or someone else) to reopen it.

Transcription workshop this week

3-days workshop ran by Ruth and Pascale Attendees: Colin, Astrid, Kimberly, and curators:

  • Valerie Wood
  • Helen Attrill
  • Cristina Casals (Swiss-Prot)
  • Penelope Garmiri (UniProt)
  • Michele Magrane (UniProt)
  • Teshome Dagne Mulugeta (NTNU)
  • Dariia Bykova
  • Sandra Orchard
  • Paul Denny (UniProt)
  • Niels Velthuijs (Colin's group)
  • Birgit Meldal (only Wed PM)
  • Discussion
    • Plan to run the workshop again with other groups.
    • Kimberly: would be nice to also have GO-CAM models to show how to annotate transcription in GO-CAM

Following up on previous items


ACTION ITEM: : Consider starting a working group to discuss external ontologies in Noctua and GO more generally with the goal of developing consistent representation (as much as possible) and an SOP to give to groups onboarding. Will discuss further on the GO-CAM specs call, particularly with Jim B.


What's the next step - create a project:

  • Yes. Tracking on work is here:

  • PIs will assign a PO

Draft document for announcement

XenBase onboarding status

Seth - update

ECO and IEAs

  • Many Evidence codes do not match to the 3-letter evidence codes that we would map to
  • ACTION: Pascale to contact Michelle to set up some virtual meeting to discuss some issues we'd like to see fixed

Pascale emailed Michelle 2020-04-29