Manager Call 2020-08-26

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  • Agenda: Huaiyu
  • Minutes: Suzi
  • Present: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Pascale, Paul T., Seth, Suzi
  • Regrets: Judy

NAR paper update


Paper will likely touch on PAINT, GO-CAMs, Tools, Ribbons, APIs, intro to archives Draft to be started this week, shared next week- 1 Sep 15 Sep deadline for update article possible to ask for extension but would rather not

Is there a pre-submission enquiry? (Chris) Paul: Already done Draft document already exists: Includes link to previous paper

Assignees in draft doc.

Annotation: Talk about Karen's work & transcription factor stuff. (is already TF paper in works, reference that) New statistics, breakout by % added etc. Lit curation- mostly table

Shex should be included- lots of work this year. "Pathways" = annotations with more information than just extended annotations

New/redesign of homepage should be in paper

Virtual Meeting/User meeting- way to publicize users meeting.

GOC Meeting Baltimore

Draft agenda based on priorities:

Deadline: 20th Sep.

Need dates (6-8 Oct). Add times- 5 min minimum, if need more time that's OK.

Draft of agenda needed by with people & length of talk.

Can still add/change topics- if wider GOC discussion is needed on on any item/ticket

Noctua capacities and expectations

  • Noctua users mailing list
    • Targeted only to people with permission to edit in Noctua
    • Useful for making specific announcements, e.g. temporary outage to update production code

Noctua intended for MGI/WB import first. Reality, multiple groups (ZFIN, SGD) also using Noctua. Need to clarify early-access includes bugs/issues; limited capacity while importing groups. Above linked doc outlines these considerations.

Would like Noctua-active-users-centric mailing list to communicate outages, etc.

Paul: Why do we need this? Are there outraged users? Seth: Would like more open lines of communication Kimberly: Seth: would like to have canonical doc to not have to repeat conversations held with 1-2 individuals/groups Pascale: this is a problem with academic software Paul: Catastrophic data errors will of course be addressed ASAP (eg half existing annotations disappearing)

Maybe move this info to the Wiki. Let users know what to expect, how to make feature requests. Let users know the state of the tool before committing to use it.

New group: PHI-Base

AmiGO regulates closure

The current behavior is probably not the best one - regulates closure should NOT be applied by default

- what do people think ? - can this be prioritized ? Is this a big task ? It would improve usability a lot

Process to follow for a project

The different phases, the responsibility of product owner, technical lead and architect for each phase

- requirement phase

- implementation plan

- project validation

- tickets and assignment

Ongoing projects

Anyone has blocking issues/delays/changes in project scope they need to report to managers /PIs?

Ongoing projects updates

  • Noctua Imports (#3a)
    • MGI/wormbase imports
    • GPAD/GPI 2.0
    • Minerva/gpad output
  • Legacy data (#6)

Pascale, Laurent-Philippe

    • testing and release framework
    • Minerva support for noctua
  • Pipeline (ongoing) (#4a)
  • Pathways2GO paper (#1bi)