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Participants: Chris, Midori, Jen, David, Jane

Agenda: Jen

Minutes: David

Action items from previous calls

  • Everyone: add items to the next GOC meeting agenda: Cambridge_GO_Consortium_Meeting DONE
  • David, Chris: organize the xp webex. (There has been a great tutorial by David OS at the Buffalo Ontology meeting)
  • Jane: email Amelia to put xp documentation (for GO users): ongoing
  • Jane: review existing xp wiki pages; find or generate "biologist-friendly" page
(the existing page is here:
  • Midori awaiting webex on XPs before sending announcement mail.

Discussion items

  • GOC agenda. Why Friday am off? Also, the clinic for the GO meeting hasn't seen much interest...shall we drop this idea to make room for more breakouts?

Why not do the clinic in the morning and then have the afternoon off? This will ensure that people will be there in the morning and will stay for lunch. The clinic now is morphing into small working groups to address SF items that have been an issue for a while.

  • Emily and I have been in discussion with Joao Pedro de Magalhaes from the University of Liverpool who runs the GenAge DB:

It's a manually-curated database of aging-related genes with hundreds of genes from different species (yeast, worms, flies and mice and humans). We've been working so that GOA can incorporate their human annotations, and they're also interested in working with us to improve the aging terms in GO. They're about to put in a BBSRC grant application for this work, and have asked for a letter of support from GO. I said I'd clear it with this group first. Jane will send a note to the PIs. [Jane]

  • Where are we up to with adding xps to ext file? Amelia made a great start of the documentation. We are waiting for David OS' tutorial to go online. Then we will do a quick workshop that is GO-specific. We will add the regulates ones, then the CC-BP terms. Tanya and David will document the step-by-step instructions about how they add regulates terms. Chris will give a tutorial on cross-products on line. Jane will send out an e-mail for a date for the tutorial.

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