Managers 11Feb09

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Agenda/chair: Pascale
Minutes: Chris



Action items from January 28

  • Cambridge GO meeting: Dates (Midori): September 23-24 and SAB meeting on Sept. 25, both at Jesus College, Cambridge, UK. Looks good?

  • Retiring old format GO files (Jane & Chris): Check with Mike Cherry to see of there is any problem retiring the old files; retire files in 6 months; [ACTION ITEM]: announce on GO Friends : July 1st 2009 (Jane, Chris)

[ACTION ITEM]: Chris and Pascale: put clear instructions for submitting data to GO: how are the gp2protein files supposed to be submitted, how often, to whom, etc.

  • Gene wiki : Following up: We've been approached by Andrew Su about Gene Wiki ( and how it might connect with our Community Annotation pages; phone conf proposed. Email forwarded to managers. (Midori)

[ACTION ITEM]: (Michael) will send the email to Jim Hu, and see of he has suggestions for a more coherent action. -- Later: figure out how to link to the gene wiki pages.

Discussion items

  • Prokaryote GO slim - Michelle has selected terms, and would like to maintain the set with other GO slims (kept in the gene_ontology_write.obo file at present). Any objections or questions? (Midori, for Michelle)

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