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GO Managers, Weds. August 13th, 2008 8a.m. PDT, 9a.m. MDT, 10a.m. CDT, 11a.m. EDT, 4p.m. BST

Agenda/chair: Jane

Minutes: David


Action items from July 30

  • Jen: Send supplementary data from Paul Dobson drug transporter review to Judy. Jen has been trying to contact him.
  • David and Tanya: Find different example for BP-MF links email. [Done]
  • Judy: Report to managers on who is invited/attending the SAB in Montreal[Done]
  • GO PIs: Decide who is to be the GO representative to the OBO Foundry and have them email officially submitting GO for review.[Done] Judy is the representative.
  • Jane: Suggest to AmiGO developers that we add a link to AmiGO for users to beta test 1.6. [Done]
  • PIs/Michael: OStatic interview?. [Done] Michael is taking care of this.

Discussion Items

  • Should we send people to PAG again this year? If so, then shall we ask Rama again, as she has been doing it for the last few years and has done well. Fiona McCarthy also has ideas for an annotation tutorial. [Jen]
    • Since it is just before the introduction of the F-P regulates links, it might be worthwhile to send David and combine it with a last-minute QC jamboree with Chris and Tanya before the new links go live. This would be similar to what we did before the introduction of the regulates relationship.We should ask Fiona. Anyone else who is there can help.
  • Do we want to announce a date for the extra column in the GA file in the newsletter? Who will name a date? [Jane]
    • We should give a three month lead time, but we should announce it.

Next Meeting

27th August

Agenda: David

Minutes: Chris

Summary of action items

  • David and Tanya: Send out the e-mail for the F-P links. [DONE, 8-13-08]
  • Mike:When we support the 17 column GA, and the gene association files are submitted with 17 columns, will mike's system continue to support a 16-column file?
  • Jen: Write to ask Fiona if she is happy to head up a PAG annotation jamboree if David will also help. [DONE] Fiona says she is happy to take the lead if David helps. She is also going to write to Rama to ask if she will be there this year.

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