Managers 14Jan09

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Agenda/chair: Jen
Minutes: Jane

Present: Suzi, Judy, Chris, Mike, Midori, Jen, Jane, Pascale, David.


Action items carried over

Discussion items

  • Cell ontology
    • General discussion of the need for funding for this project. No action at present.
  • Biocurator meeting
    • abstracts
      • ontology development abstract emailed to managers; will be submitted on Weds. 14th or Thurs. 15th (the latter is the deadline)
      • Pascale has abstract ready for Ref Genomes
      • GO annotation standards abstract (Judy) ready
      • GO community resources - Jane to write and submit by tomorrow. Consult with Mike.
    • participants

Action Items

  • Cambridge folks to start looking at venues for September meeting

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