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GO Managers, Weds. July 16nd, 2008 8a.m. PDT, 9a.m. MDT, 10a.m. CDT, 11a.m. EDT, 4p.m. BST

Agenda/chair: Pascale

Minutes: Jen

Present: Pascale, David, Chris, Jen, Midori

Action items from June 18

  • Ontology developers (mainly Jen and Harold at present): Continue collecting MF-BP links, creating new process terms as needed, and postponing worry about nice term names
  • Chris: Add technical content to MF-BP link announcement email draft
  • Pascale: Confirm bookings for GOC and SAB meetings:Done.
  • Jen: Send supplementary data from Paul Dobson drug transporter review to Judy (Jen - awaiting permission from the author and information on which species the annotations come from.)

Current items

  • Managers and (especially) PIs look at the MF-BP link email - we want to send it out ASAP.
  • Pascale: GOC/SAB meeting: now booked; Were the SAB members contacted about the dates?
  • David: submitting GO for review to become an OBO-foundry ontology. This is the outcome of the OBO-foundry meeting that Jane and I attended last week.

Minutes of discussion

Draft of regulates mf-bp links email

We urgently need feedback on content of the email from all managers. How can we encourage this to happen?

David will send an email round to say that we will send the mail on a given day if nobody comments. The warning mail will be sent to GO-Top and GO-Managers. David action: Add date on wiki when mf-bp will be sent. This needs to be soon as we said we'd give 6 months notice and time is really getting on now.


No change on Paul Dobson action item

Consortium meeting

Pascale to confirm booking for SAB and consortium meeting. She has done that even though she doesn't know if SAB people are coming. Venue booked for three full days. Pascale to announce details on GO list.

Were the SAB members contacted about the dates? Judy said she would do that but Pascale hasn't heard back. Pascale will email GO-Top about this.

OBO Foundry

David and Jane went to OBO Foundry meeting. OBO Foundry is being retasked and all ontologies will have to reapply for membership. A person from GO is to write an email to apply and say that we will strive to follow the principles of the foundry. Are we going to apply? Who is going to write? Who will be the representative? Should we have one person per ontology?

General comments: We should apply, one person for all of GO will be enough, since we have the same policies for all three. We need a rep just to answer GO questions. No need for three different people for three different ontologies. Need to just decide which person.

It seems like maybe one of the PIs needs to be the rep since it would take their kind of authority to be able to make the decisions that are needed.

Meeting attendance

David mentions that he will be away during the next meeting.

General thought also that in future people should always write if they are not going to be present so we don't wait ages for people to show up.


174 terms to be made obsolete. Many are gene products and some new terms will be made in the protein ontology so we can make pointers to those (consider tags). Darren Natale will make the new protein ontology terms. Not sure if we can make pointers to external terms in OBO-Edit 1.

AmiGO release

Chris not sure as he was away. Have been short of testers. Need more automated testing. We should send test server link to main GO list so people can take a look. Would also be nice to have more people formally committed to testing as we are short of testers. Only three committed testers just now. Put a link on prodcution AmiGO to link to beta server so people we are not aware of can start looking. With blurb about what's new and request for feedback.

Reference Genomes

Next call

July 30, 2008, 8 AM PDT/11 AM EDT/4 PM BST

Agenda: Jen; Minutes: Jane

Summary of Action items

[action item] Pascale: write to GO list to announce the GO meeting. Done.

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