Managers 17Dec08

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Agenda/chair: Midori
Minutes: David

Present: David, Midori, Jen, Jane, Pascale, Mike

Apologies: Judy, Michael and Suzi

Action items carried over

  • Chris : Chris will email developers and annotators about new gene association file columns: see Managers_24Sep08#New_gene_association_file_columns
  • Options for the newsletter (Pickering Hutchins - or Affymetrix)
    • Superseded by discussion about RSS in web presence group
  • GO Tops: Plan the next GOC meeting location
    • This is becoming urgent ...
    • September SAB and GOC meeting in Cambridge, UK

Discussion items

  • David will go to meet with Chris and Tanya in January (12-16) to do the last of the clean up for the P-F and F-F regulates links. We will invite anyone who wants an update on what is going on to join us in a webex each morning.
  • Midori will head up to Oxford for a cell ontology workshop the week of Jan. 14, 15.
  • Ref genome paper is almost ready to be sent to PLOS. (send it)
  • The muscle paper has been accepted to BMC Medical Genomics.

Action Items

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