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GO Managers Meeting Minutes 17th January 2007

Present: Michael Ashburner, Judy Blake, Midori Harris, Jane Lomax, Jennifer Clark, Eurie Hong, David Hill, Chris Mungall, Rex Chisholm
Absent: Suzi Lewis, Karen Eilbeck and Mike Cherry.

1. Review Action Items from previous meeting


  • Midori & Alex: Adding references for content meetings. Also, David to do references for CNS meeting
  • Eurie: working on Google calendar

Eurie to send url round whole consortium - everyone to fill in their meetings.

  • WebEx - funds available for 6 months (@ 500/month) from MGI. Need several passwords (one per institution) - Hinxton, Bar Harbor, Denver, Berkeley, Chicago. Jen to go ahead and take a 6 month contract.


  • Suzi & Chris: Finishing definition of flagellum with George Garrity.

New def arose from PAMGO changes - Jane to send to S&C

  • Mike: please get back to Jen with an expected date for completion of the script that will allow people to download just the annotations from a single taxon from the UniProt file. To go on the GO website.

No date available yet. This feature could go into AmiGO - Jen to submit a specific request to AmiGO tracker. A temporary quick fix is to grep this info from the UniProt file.

  • Mike: find out how to upload a doc or pdf file to the wiki. Suzi was unable to do it.

Wiki was set not to allow upload of these file types - now fixed.

  • Michael to look at sex determination terms and questions about them from is_a complete work.

Removed item.

  • Karen E. to send out ideas regarding display of metrics and annotations from the Reference Genome group.

Sent to ref genome group.

  • Everyone review action items from St. Croix meeting.


  • David to send MIT meeting spreadsheet round to this group
  • Midori to respond about the 'Bioinformatics Primer'

2. Individual Manager reports

a. Ontology Development

  • Group to go ahead and assign SF items to people with relevant expertise. Two tiers of responsibility: biology and cvs. People with cvs access need to take responsibility (turns?) to add changes to file.
  • SF is not meeting our needs at the moment - thinking of trying out TRAC (already used by some groups at EBI) and possibly the MGI internal tracking system as alternatives. Try and find one that will meet as many of our specifications as possible.
  • Will be setting priorities at next meeting.
  • Have a date (March 16th) for MIT meeting.

b. Outreach

  • Waiting for feedback from PAG

c. Software

  • Not much to report yet - stuff to report in two weeks (reference genome integration, server mirror)

d. Reference Genomes

  • Sending out email on thoughts about reference genome interface. Re-organise spreadsheet so it has topsheet with gene data etc, and separate sheet for each species so they can add extra data, more flexibility. Call on 24th Jan to discuss.

e. User Advocacy

  • AmiGO 1.0 meeting yesterday - moving to new servers by the end of the month. Testing about to begin. New release of AmiGO 1.0 including enrichment feature by June 2007.

3. Meetings

 *MIT meeting - 16th March.

action: David to send MIT meeting spreadsheet round to this group 4. Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

  • RSC about to launch GO, SO, CL marked up text at end of month.

5. Operations and Procedures.
6. Staffing and Personnel.
7. Budget issues.
8. Publications.
9. Other Current Topics and Concerns. a. From Midori: Question for advocacy: any interest in that invite to contribute to that "Bioinformatics Primer"? (I forwarded an email a couple weeks ago.) People considered it to be too much work for little reward. Midori to respond.

Next meeting 8 am Pacific, 11 noon Eastern, 10 am Central, 4 pm UK. 31st January.