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GO Managers, Weds. Nov 19th, 2008 8 a.m. PDT, 9 a.m. MDT, 10 a.m. CDT, 11 a.m. EDT, 4p.m. GMT

Agenda/chair: Jane
Minutes: Pascale for Chris

Participants: Jane, Mike, Michael, Midori, Jen, Pascale, David

Action items carried over

  • Jennifer: to change the photosynthesis discussion over to this list and inform the GO list. DONE
  • Chris : Chris will email developers and annotators about new gene association file columns: see Managers_24Sep08#New_gene_association_file_columns
  • Jane: to get costing for GO pamphlet from agency EBI used. DONE. Email from Cath:

Hi Jane We use Pickering Hutchins - If you ask them to do it in Adobe Indesign (I assume someone in GO has Adobe creative suite) and supply the files as well as the finished product, they'll do it. Typically it costs about £60 an hour for design and about £1200 for a print run of 1000 flyers (these are the A3 ones that fold into four A4 pages). Hope this helps. If you want OTT to act as your intermediary we can do that. c

  • Emily: to contact George to come over for the meeting with Hein van der Steen about ATO. DONE
  • GO top: make a decision about location of next GO meeting(s). NOT DONE
  • Amina: make list of OE features for testing. IN PROGRESS
  • Midori: take Amina's list and parcel out to WG members. PENDING - Amina and wg still working on task list
  • Chris: interact with production group about adding sanity checks/obo2obo when going between editors file and public file
  • Ontology developers and Chris: figure out process for using xps live.IN PROGRESS

David: synopsis: starting with xp within the ontology. Midori, Jen, Jane, Tanya and David are each looking at a set of terms. We hope to have the XPs in the editors' file before March, but after the inter-ontology regulates links are released. However this is contingent upon either OBO-Edit2 being released, or upon our being allowed to save from OBO-Edit2 to the editors' file with a script to strip the links out before the file is propagated to the public file.

Discussion items

  • Donna Slonim (Tufts University) has secured an NIH grant to develop annotation for human fetal genomics. She intends to hire a couple of post-docs to create manual GO annotations for human proteins, and will be trained in using the protein2go curation tool by the GOA group. (Emily)
  • A number of members of the Eurofungbase Consortium will be visiting the EBI in December to visit the Ensembl and GO/GOA groups in respect of their work on the Aspergillus genome. In November 2006 this group carried out an annotation jamboree to quickly improve the GO annotation for Aspergillus. The group now would like the annotations to be submitted to the GO Consortium. The GOA group has been in contact with this community (Rachael Huntley attended the Eurofungbase meeting in October), and has been trying to get to see these annotations to assess their quality. However at the moment we are being sent incomplete annotation data and so are unsure as to the quality of this work. What should happen if its found the manual annotations are not of a quality comparable to other manual annotation sets by GO Consortium members? Should a special folder be created on the GO site for storing such community annotations? (Emily)
    • ACTION ITEM: we can point to the annotations, but if the annotations dont fit our standards, we dont want to host them on GO
  • Brief report on Hein van der Steen's visit: Emily hosted; Jane, Jen, Midori & George were also present. He wants to put in an EU grant proposal to fund the development and use of the Animal Trait Ontology (ATO), including approx. two FTEs at EBI who would do mainly ontology development. He'll send Emily a summary of his ideas, and then a draft of a first-phase grant. (Midori, Emily)
    • Question: how much support should we give this group if they get funded? Answer: maybe just wait and see what happens. Maybe- leave it to George.

Action Items

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