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GO Managers, Weds. Aug 1 8 AM PDT / 10 AM CDT / 11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST

Agenda/chair: Chris Minutes: Jane

Present: Jennifer, Eurie, Midori, Jane, Pascale, Chris, Michael, Mike, Judy, David

Missing: Suzi

Review Action Items from previous meeting

  • ACTION: Chris to add replaced_by/consider tags to db

still to do

  • ACTION: Chris to write abstract for biocurators

still to do

Individual Manager reports

Ontology Development

  • cardio-vascular terms - ongoing
  • muscle meeting in Padua last week. Organised by Erika. Over 100 new terms added, more to come. Progress on wiki. Could have done with more GO tutoring before meeting, but still useful. Jen and Erika following up.
  • Transporter terms now added.
  • GO-CL cross-products update. See
    • latest cross-products from GO and CL
    • richer relation set used
    • OE 2.0 beta demo - easier X-prod manipulation
    • has revealed missing links in GO (David to fix? +Midori? Pascale?)


  • Milton Saier (San Diego) - proposal to annotate to transporter terms, add new transporter terms, map GO terms to TC terms.


  • Meeting last week - minutes on wiki
  • Sohal doing work on Reference Genome curator interface - has created prototype (programmed in Ruby). He's leaving but someone else can take over code. Dicty currently interviewing for replacement.
  • AmiGO dev - work on underlying code-base oddities with Seth and Amelia.
  • gp2protein files for BLAST - not all groups currently submitting complete files, so software groups working with representatives from different groups to improve coverage

Reference Genomes

  • welcome Pascale! Pascale now attending meetings in Rex's place
  • Meeting next week - talk about measuring progress

User Advocacy

  • August newsletter in progress
    • Sarah Mole article gene of the month
  • Working on core GO slide set
  • AmiGO - waiting for beta test
  • GO Tools page cleanup :
    • will create a table of criteria and mark tools against these tools
    • should we remove tools that don't meet essential criteria? Possibly put in them in a separate section
  • ACTION ITEM: Eurie to send the document round to GO list for further development.
  • Chris sent around proposal for versioning GO (see Would be useful for referencing in publications etc. Problem is with MODs who use new terms immediately - wouldn't be in released GO. Will need further discussion.
    • Releases should be packaged.
    • Software/advocacy groups to look into specifications, present at advisors meeting?


  • SGD folks to GO to CSH yeast cell biology meeting, next week.

Staffing and Personnel


  • NAR update due middle of Sept

Other Current Topics and Concerns