Managers 24Feb09

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Participants: David, Kara, Pascale, Judy, Rama, Midori, Jane, Emily

Agenda: David

Minutes: David

Action items from previous calls

  • All managers: Prepare materials for SAB
    • Funded deliverables can be found in the agenda of the GOC meeting in Cambridge 2009
    • 4-10 slides describing our goals and accomplishments
  • Do we have a plan in place for someone to take over all of Midori's responsibilities? Has Midori trained this person/people?
    • Becky for 3 months, only one month after Midori. Midori updated her tasks, but that was before we knew Jen was leaving. Hopefully we will get funding for one more FTE. Jane will take over Midori's day to day business until we hire someone new. The problem is the volume of work rather than the actual nature of it.

Discussion items

  • Are we ready for next cross-product set?
    • David and Tanya would like to review the BP-BP internal cross-products. CC-CC will be the next ones to go. Jane will compose an e-mail that will say that we are putting them in in two weeks. Midori is working on BP-CC, not ready yet. Jane will take these over as well.

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