Managers 25Feb09

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Agenda/chair: Chris Midori
Minutes: Midori

Present: Midori, Jennifer, Jane, Pascale, Judy


Action items from Feb 11


Discussion items

  • Idea for September GOC meeting from Emily: a ontology development 'surgery'. Assign half a day (perhaps pm of second day) for people to come along to see ontology eds and discuss unresolved/difficult SF items. Assign perhaps 30min per issue. [Jane]
Judy: What keeps these things from being resolved?
Need input from certain people, but hard to get right group (might have people missing, or uninterested people present, or both). May also need to find expert.
Pascale: need working groups for specific topics, e.g. how to use certain terms for annotation.
Judy: need both ontology editors and annotators, and specific proposals for meetings.
Proposal: Hold conference call involving editors and annotators to clarify intended usage of GO terms. Addresses a different question from Emily's original proposal, but is worthwhile in its own right. May flag need for ontology changes, documentation improvements, etc.
Action item: Pascale will organize a call - email ontology editors, Ref Gen list, annotation list.
Returning to original agenda item - general sense that something of the sort would be good. Kep it in mind, and do some more specific planning closer to the meeting date. Call it "GO Clinic" or something like that.
  • Teleconferencing for Consortium meeting. [Jen]
Concern is whether technology will hold up. Webex should be fine; Skype probably wouldn't but we've pretty much decided to use the ReadyConference line anyway.
Should look into video options. Jen will continue working with Doug (and occasionally Judy) to set up phone and video. Action item.
Incremental cost of more connections is negligible compared to travel costs. Form as few groups as possible, but err on the side of calling in, even if from home.
  • Monthly reports from managers [Judy]
Wants GO list informed when reports go on wiki. Remind managers; also remember to email GO list when minutes from these calls go up.
  • Gene Ontology page on Wikipedia could do with improvement. Ask Amelia? Jane will put this on the Web Presence meeting agenda. Action item.
  • Judy has column 16 & 17 documentation to send to managers. Action item.
  • Pascale and Chris still working on gp2protein file documentation.

Action items

  • Jen: continue working with Doug (and occasionally Judy) to set up phone and video for the Oregon GOC meeting.
  • Pascale: Organize conference call on usage of tricky GO terms; include ontology editors and annotators (both ref gen and broader annotation list).
  • Jane: Wikipedia Gene Ontology page on Web Presence agenda.
  • Judy: Send annotation column 16 & 17 documentation to managers for approval.
  • Pascale, Chris: Finish and circulate gp2protein file documentation. Action item.

Next call March 11th.

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