Managers 25Mar09

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Agenda/chair: Jen
Minutes: David
Present: David, Pascale, Midori, Jen

Action items from Feb 25

  • Jen: continue working with Doug (and occasionally Judy) to set up phone and video for the Oregon GOC meeting. IN PROGRESS
  • Pascale: Organize conference call on usage of tricky GO terms; include ontology editors and annotators (both ref gen and broader annotation list).
  • Jane: Wikipedia Gene Ontology page on Web Presence agenda. Who is going to update wikipedia page?

DONE. By Amelia. She even got a special award from Wikipedia for doing such a good job!

  • Chris will talk with Amelia and Jane about Wikipedia's Gene Ontology page. DONE
  • Chris: write to reference genome list to ask for test annotation files for column 16 & 17. DONE
  • Pascale, Chris: Finish and circulate gp2protein file documentation. IN PROGRESS
  • Mike to run Stanford webex for Eugene meetings.
  • Judy will put first pass Consortium meeting agenda on the wiki. DONE
  • Suzi do same for reference genome agenda (with Pascale). DONE
  • Midori create new progress reports page, organize progress report links, and have Mike C add links to the left-hand navigation bar. DONE
  • Book chapter to be considered by Tanya, Chris and David, with Judy and David meeting to put first pass draft together.
  • Midori to respond to book editors. DONE
  • PIs will discuss Jen's funding situation and get back to Jen immediately.
  • Jen to find out situation with paying bench fees to remain at EBI after 9 year period, and forward to PIs.

Answer: This turns out not to be an option at all. Apparently it was arranged for one staff member but now the rules have changed and it is no longer possible. As this is not an option I have also found out the contact details for two groups at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory where I might fit in and have forwarded these to the PIs. DONE

  • Jen to follow up with Satnam Singh on reasoner optimization DONE

Discussion items