Managers 26Aug09

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Participants: Mike, Midori, Jennifer

Agenda: Chris Jennifer

Minutes: Jennifer

Action items from previous calls

  • Everyone: add items to the next GOC meeting agenda: Cambridge_GO_Consortium_Meeting
  • David, Chris: organize the xp webex. (There has been a great tutorial by David OS at the Buffalo Ontology meeting)
  • Jane: email Amelia to put xp documentation (for GO users): ongoing
  • Jane: review existing xp wiki pages; find or generate "biologist-friendly" page
(the existing page is here:
  • Jane: email Amelia to put xp documentation (for GO users) on her to-do list
  • Midori awaiting webex on XPs before sending announcement mail.

We cannot discuss these with people missing, except for the meeting agenda.

  • We propose to send a mail to the list just asking for agenda items. Midori will do this.
  • No one has yet sorted the consortium meeting agenda so it would be good for that to be done. Who would do that? The editorial office are happy to volunteer if that would help, but will wait for the word from GO-Top.

Midori has made a wiki page about the SAB meeting but it is empty so far.

Discussion items

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