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GO Managers, Weds. July 30th, 2008 8a.m. PDT, 9a.m. MDT, 10a.m. CDT, 11a.m. EDT, 4p.m. BST

Agenda/chair: Jen

Minutes: Jane

Present: Jane, Jen, Midori, Pascale, Mike, Suzi, Michael

Action items from July 16

  • Chris: Add technical content to MF-BP link announcement email draft
  • Jen: Send supplementary data from Paul Dobson drug transporter review to Judy
Jen - awaiting permission from the author and information on which species the annotations come from.
  • Managers and (especially) PIs look at the MF-BP link email - we want to send it out ASAP.
Suzi was worried that the example was potentially confusing (regulation of kinase activity (BP) and kinase regulator activity (MF) seems redundant). David and Tanya to find different example.
  • Pascale:GOC/SAB meeting: now booked; Were the SAB members contacted about the dates? (Action item for Judy.)
Done we think - can Judy update the managers at the next meeting?
  • David:submitting GO for review to become an OBO-foundry ontology. This is the outcome of the OBO-foundry meeting that Jane and I attended last week. Suzi or Michael to be GO representative?
Should probably be Judy or Mike (i.e. not OBO the Foundry co-ordinators). Will discuss on PI call. The representative will need to send an email officially submitting GO for review as an OBO Foundry ontology.
  • Someone:Put a link on production AmiGO to link to beta server so people we are not aware of can start looking. With blurb about what's new and request for feedback.
Jane and Pascale to take to AmiGO group - this beta might be a bit similar to the live version - confusing?

Discussion Items

IEA annotation meeting

Emily Dimmer is very interested to hear about the plans for the electronic annotation meeting - Mike informs us that there is nothing currently in the pipeline about this

OStatic interview

Which of the PIs will pursue this interview: OStatic ( Michael to do this by email or voice - will decide which on PI call this week.

Reference Genomes Jamboree

Electronic jamboree worked pretty well! See Electronic_jamboree_july18-2008 for minutes and action items (10 action items!!). Repeat every 3 months or so? Brings up lots of unresolved issues which can be discussed on monthly calls.

Rename GO:0005634 to 'cell nucleus' Some discussion as to the merits of changing this term name - it was decided to add 'cell nucleus' as an exact synonym but to leave the term name as is to be intuitive to biologists

Next Meeting

13th August

Agenda: Jane Minutes: Chris

Summary of action items

  • Jen: Send supplementary data from Paul Dobson drug transporter review to Judy
  • David and Tanya: Find different example for BP-MF links email
  • Judy: Report to managers on who is invited/attending the SAB in Montreal
  • GO PIs: Decide who is to be the GO representative to the OBO Foundry and have them email officially submitting GO for review
  • Jane: Suggest to AmiGO developers that we add a link to AmiGO for users to beta test 1.6
  • PIs/Michael: OStatic interview?

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