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GO Managers call 7 July 2006

On Call:

  • David Hill
  • Jane Lomax
  • Judith Blake
  • Jen Clark
  • Suzi Lewis
  • Chris Mungall
  • Midori Harris
  • Michael Ashburner
  • Rex Chisholm

Minutes: David Hill

1. Review previous Action Items

  • A) New action item: Eurie and Amelia will send out structure of

navigation and organization of the wiki to the group and proceed.

On hold because of holidays

  • B) New action item: Midori (or another member of the GO editorial

office) will contact Tim and gather information about the set of structures (source, associated information, etc). Depending on the information, GO tops will have a conference call with Alfonso.

There really isn't much to know about CASP7 targets. It is just a structure-solving endeavor. Goes back to GO-top.

  • C) New action item: Rex will forward Eurie and Jane's request to the reference genome group about the web group.

The web group is in the making at the moment. Rex has sent an e-mail to the reference genome group.

  • D) New action item: Put meetings and publications into the Wiki. The Wiki page should be restricted.

The wiki isn't up and running so it hasn't been done, but there is a list to put there when it is.

  • E) New action item: Rex will need to ensure that there is a representative from each reference genome at the September anatomy meeting to further discuss anatomy development related terms.

Rex is still waiting to get more info about this. We probably don't need someone from every reference genome. Mouse, fly, zebrafish, dicty. Would like worm. David will go to the anatomy meeting?? or will he work on is_a complete? He will work on is_a complete.

  • Action item: Rex will contact someone from worm to see if they will attend.
  • Action item: Suzi will send the agenda for the anatomy meeting.

2. Individual Manager reports

Overall Project Priorities & Progress & Deliverables status reports (on _existing_ tasks)

Rex: In the final stages of putting together the discussion document for next week's annotation camp. Deals with metrics, orthology sets, disease gene list, process for sharing annotations.

  • Action item: Will send out to reference genomes group and managers by the end of the day.

Midori: Trying to establish timelines for the stuff that is outstanding on the large-scale front. Plan to invite 4 more people to join the group (Becky,Val, Susan, new TAIR person). Need to have a plan for small-scale development and sourceforge items. Eventually will be a coordination between annotation and ontology development.

  • Action item: Midori will send the draft of our priorities.

Jane: Starting the next newsletter, annotation camp, OBO-edit, announcement about unknowns, neurobiology report. Not much on the wiki. Not much in amigo due to change in developers.

Chris: John is freezing the 1.2 OBO format. How do we implement this in GO? One file or Two? Jane thinks 2 files will be confusing, but the changes aren't minor. Discussion about whether cross-product tags will break parsers. It shouldn't be a problem because the parsers should ignore those tags. There are 2 annoying differences that are not backwards compatible. Midori will do the component cross products as a small subset and send her notes to the working group.

  • Action item: We will make an announcement for the new OBO format.
  • Action item: Finalize the cross product with cell type by the advisor's meeting.

Jen: Pseudocap annotations are now in. Discuss who updates these. Can we use the automatic prediction tools to update these? Jen wrote up the priorities of her group, she would like feedback.

3. Upcoming talks, papers, and meetings (e.g. are we going to submit anything to Genome Informatics?)

Annotation camp is next week: Midori, David, Rex, Judy and Mike

Nothing went to Genome Informatics (Some GO editorial people may lurk).

OBO edit paper going to Bioinformatics as an application note (John, Melissa, Midori and a person TBNL). We will make it open-access.

John will do a more detailed paper at another date.

4. Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

No change from content.

Trying to get Pseudocap to submit annotations regularly.

5. Operations and Procedures (e.g. tcons) new tracker system (Jane)

Sourceforge just isn't working for us.

  • Action item: Midori and David will go through a requirements list. The NCBO tool will probably not be suitable. Need to seamlessly transfer the sourceforge stuff to the new tool.

6. Staffing and Personnel (i.e. new hires, departures, leave, vacations...)

Nothing new.

Midori away til end of July.

Jen off last two weeks of July

  • Action item: Put a staff calendar on the wiki.

7. Budget issues

Judy was supposed to tell us about equipment (new computers for Jen, Jane and Amelia).

8. Other Current Topics and Concerns conference phone calls (Jen)

Next conference call July 19th . 8am CA, 10am Chicago, 11am Bar Harbor, 4pm UK

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