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Participants: Michael Ashburner, Judy Blake, Mike Cherry, Eurie Hong, Suzi Lewis, Rex Chisholm, Jen Deegan, David Hill, ???....
Agenda/Chair: Eurie Hong
Minutes: Suzi Lewis

Review Action Items from previous meeting

Chris: Send document about versioning

ACTION: Suzi is to forward john's write-up to the group

Everyone: Suggest experts in orthology algorithms who could attend the Reference Genome meeting.

The names under consideration are Paul Thomas, Richard Durbin, and Eric Sonnhammer, but before we contact them we need to settle on the dates and venue. We also need to have the draft agenda prepared.

The reference genome group needs to finish reviewing the agenda Rex sent out.

Once the ref genome group finishes, then Rex will send it out to the GO managers group before the next call and we will discuss it then.

Mike (go-top) is going to follow up with Kara to find out about venue at 
Princeton after the GOC meeting.

Chris and David: Get GO and Cell Ontology cross-products in place.

Chris gets John to release the next beta version of OBO-Edit. David to use this beta version of OBO-edit to go through the GO and Cell Ontology cross-products file in the scratch directory.

David is checking the file in scratch by hand because of bugs in obo-edit, but we should have full, proper cross-products between GO and CL by September in time for the GOC meeting and to present to the SAB

Chris is to ping john about getting these bugs fixed
David to talk to Chris about possibly writing a paper on this.

Chris and website group: The go-dev documentation to other website pages before newsletter sent out to announce the EBI mirror.

All linked up we think? No, it is still in progress. Amelia is just finishing.

ACTION: Midori ensure that it is happening.

Chris: To send email to Stefan Goetz to touch base with him about working with the GOC in compiling information about GO Tools.

Chris did send this e-mail, there is interest, but no immediate plan yet. Still pending

ACTION: Eurie, Chris, & Jane will continue to follow up and more this along

Individual Manager reports

Ontology Development

  • Vladimir is giving us cell cycle terms. Some discussion of new ORB utility and using this for ascribing credit. No actions right now, just keep on doing what we're doing.


  • Any comments on the farm animal proposal forwarded by Jen?

A bunch are submitting a proposal for plant genomics (Fiona, Peter d'E,...). GOC (Judy) has already sent a letter of support, so nothing more needs to be done.


  • Chris absent

Reference Genomes

ACTION: Rex is to find out if group is conscientiously  submitting new term requests
  • RESOLVED: Jim Hu is going to be the point person for E. coli. Both Michelle & Peter Karp will submit their annotations to him.

User Advocacy

  • gohelp procedure of adding items to the FAQ
    • New go-help system seems to be going okay. David is in charge this week.
  • New release coming in July.
  • Transferring RSC model of marking up ontology terms in publications?
    • We have their software, but it does require an investment on a publishers part. We can facilitate if any other journals are interested. We should put screen shots of this into our talks.
ACTION: Jane to put screenshots on the wiki
Jane to look into using an RSS feed to post daily ontology changes to the outside world


  • Interactome Meeting ( Ben Hitz will be attending and would be willing to do a GO-related workshop. Jane said she'd be willing to help. Should effort be put into contacting the organizers about this?
  • Yes, this is a good idea because it will provide education of what the GO is, and correct misperceptions
ACTION: Ben & Jane will prepare posters
ACTION: EBI staff to bring stacks of GO Newsletters to hand out at ISMB

Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

  • The MIT collaboration has resulted in a publication which is currently being edited by Chris, Judy, David.
  • MIT paper to be submitted June 20

Operations and Procedures

Staffing and Personnel

Budget issues


  • Annotation paper submitted to bioOntologies SIG
  • OGLE paper submitted to bioOntologies SIG

Other Current Topics and Concerns

ACTION:Judy to launch a web-based journal club to review relevant publications about GO.  

Summary of Action items