Managers 7Apr10

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Agenda: Emily

Minutes: Rama

Phone passCode: 801-561

Action items from previous calls


New items

  1. Review action items from meeting. See:
  2. How should we handle making sure these get done?
  3. Need everyone's slides.
  4. We've had a few enquiries about summer projects at GO-EBI, and a guy who has offered to work for free for 6 months. Shall we take any of these up? Ideas for projects? [Jane]
  5. Martini? [1]
  6. GO_ext: this never quite made it on to the agenda for the meeting - I'd like to propose we reorganise the downloads page and write some extra docs [Jane]
  7. GO survey - should we pursue this? [Jane]


Present: Rama, Emily, Jane, MikeC, David, Judy, Suzi, Pascale

(1-3) Action Items from GOC

  • Emily and Jane have cleaned up the GOC minutes. Please look through the minutes and make corrections as needed (
  • Managers should take responsibility for items relevant to their area and make sure they get done. Manager Name is listed against each action item. Managers will follow up on these action items and report back on each Manager's meeting.
  • Judy will go through her notes and summarize on the wiki

4) Summer Project

  • Up to Jane!

5) Martini

  • Suzi's suggestion to write a paper (rebuttal?). There are lots of GO related paper and we can't be spending time addressing all of them. Perhaps we can write a letter to the Editor of the journal suggesting there were factors/considerations about GO that were missing in the analysis presented in the paper.
  • Judy has 10 things written out about using GO. She will find it and send it around firs to Suzi and Chris. Those 10 points can be used as a framework to write to the editor. Suzi and chris will refine those 10 points and send it around to others.

6) GO_ext file

  • People on the OBO foundry felt that this file has all the good stuff and is not exposed enough. Jane will re-organize the downloads page to highlight this file. She will bring this up with Chris/Seth to highlight it within AmiGO.

7) Survey

  • What do we want to put on the survey? What are the questions we want answered?
  • What are the users using GO for currently and what are their needs?
  • The last survey we did was poorly designed (long too). This time we should make sure the questions are to the point. Survey Monkey has some really cool features that we shd make use of.
  • ActionItem: Each Managers group should come up some questions based on their groups goals. May be start a separate wiki page and stash the questions on that page.

8) Funding for Val to attend GO Camp

  • Judy will look into it and make an effort to fund her.