Managers 9May07

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  • MGED : we don't have money to send someone
  • Versioning


  • Rama will look after outreach group while Jen is away
  • Rex will get group to adopt unify approach

ACTION Rex - will send document

  • Pharm GKB

Ontology Development

David met at wisconsin physiology experts to work on cardiovascular terms. anatomical perspective. gene_ontology_cario.obo. new term: system process.

incorporating anatomical view

David spent first morning explaining things, graphs, rules, learning curve

- regulation : system state, action potential

- whiteboard wiki

David just commited cario v to cvs. David rearranged muscle terms when he created system process.

Jen doesn't know if she has enough money to invite everyone. David and Rex may not be able to go.


Conf call on taxons - take it to consortium mtg. everyone agrees we want to make links, but not in obo file. do it externally, sits outside of ontology itself. John: obo files, but loaded into oboedit.


we had webex. when do they go live?

ACTION: Chris - update go-xp-cell


WG went to Asilomar fungal genetic mtg.

Flowcharts up on website.


- docs

- bugs / support

- rg friday

- taxons

Ref Genomes

May targets are up

Settled on Oct10-13 for refgenome annot, bar harbor. 2 full days.

Working with Sohel on DB stuff

User Advocacy

Next newsletter. Limit items, higher profile.

AmiGO - take a look at other websites, evaluation.

gohelp - new people joined. will hold webex to go through process

David has submtted instances paper to bio-ontology

John has submitted an abstract


K Eilbeck + Gabby + Midori chatted about SO/protein ontology for biosapiens

Continuing work with MIT group. David has sent new work. redone analysis with separate and is_a and part_of, not examined yet

Staffing and Personnel