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GO Editorial Office Report - May 2006

SourceForge items
  Items opened	60
  Closed by editorial office	31
   (note: 3 SF item closed outside GO-Ed. this month; see end of
    report for details and for non-GO-Ed contributors to items we
  Items in progress, assigned to editorial office	71

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

Content topics in progress:
  'Response to drug' and similar terms to become obsolete, replaced by
    terms organized by ChEBI molecular structure ontology (all GO Eds,
    plus many curators, esp. Alex Diehl)
  Brain development, following content meeting (Jen, Erika, David
    Hill, neuro experts)
  Receptor complexes (Erika; see below)
  Synapses; resting potential (Erika; see below)
  'Rehoming' unlocalized protein complexes

Content topics resolved:
  Complete is_a paths for cellular component committed! (Jane, with
    Chris M)
  Several small things for SourceForge items  

Erika's project:
  Content meeting preparation, esp. telencephalon
  Annotation for NMDA receptors
  Read articles about CRH and collect information for creating a
    future CRH pathway
  Open SF item:
    1484510  kainate receptor complex
    1483863  resting potential
    1483801  AMPA receptor complex
    1483728  Synaptic maturation
    1481900  asymmetric and symmetric synapse

Content working group update:
  The two proposed content-related groups have merged, under joint
    leadership (David Hill and Midori); a draft of a merged summary
    document is in progress.

OBO-Edit working group update:
  User guide complete
  IRCs May 4, 11, 25
  Lots of testing to prepare for release
  OBO-Edit 1.000 released June 1st!
  Note - OBO-Edit work accounts for quite a bit of our time this month

AmiGO working group (Jane, Amelia)
  Mockups for new display (Amelia)

Advocacy group update:
  Jane has joined as co-leader with Eurie
  gohelp list created (thanks, Mike!); organization for replying,
    collecting list of whom-to-ask, FAQ additions, etc. in progress.
  First newsletter released by newsletter group; this time around
    GO-Ed contributions were mainly proofreading and other small
    comments on drafts.

  GSK presentations at Harlow and Stevenage (Erika; Jen also went
    along on the visit)
  Continued planning for upcoming meetings, including neurobiology
    content meeting, annotation camp, and GO Users meeting

  Book chapter in progress: 'Parasites and GO' for bioinformatics text
    book for parasitologists (Jane, with Matt Berriman)

Visit from Colin Batchelor from Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
  Publishing, planning for RSC to mark up journals with controlled
  vocabulary terms including GO; Jane has sent some details {note -
  still not public!)

figs2go & ko2go mappings in progress (Jane, with MA on ko2go)
mesh2go mapping under discussion (Jane)

Rfam2go mapping contributed by Rfam staff

Annotation outreach (Jen)

Some updates to web pages, including newsletter links (Amelia)

A few queries on the mailing list (mainly Jane); gohelp list is being
  taken up nicely

GO Bibliography now has 872 entries

Appendix 1: input from others on SF items closed this month
929957 - Tanya Berardini, Pankaj Jaiswal
1438210 - Pascale Gaudet
1459965 - Tanya Berardini, David Hill, Doug Howe
1460050 - Val Wood, Shelley Sazer (domain expert)
1472296	- several curators, and Chris Mungall
1477662 - Karen Christie, Val Wood
1480569 - David Hill, Doug Howe
1487660, 1487620, 1452868 - Ranjana Kishore
1482641, 1452866, 1482638 - Alex Diehl, Ranjana Kishore

Appendix 2: SF items closed outside GO Ed
1439512 - assigned to Tanya Berardini; also Pankaj Jaiswal, Jen Clark
1439513 - assigned to Tanya Berardini; also Pankaj Jaiswal, Jen Clark
1438331 - assigned to Tanya Berardini; also Suparna Mundodi, Jen
  Clark, Karen Christie, Midori Harris