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This page outlines the steps taken when someone leaves the Gene Ontology project, including unsubscribing from and deactivating related accounts. Note that the GOC may undertake some or all of these steps on your behalf as part of administrative processes and house cleaning.


So, you need to say good-bye to the Gene Ontology Consortium. While we hate to see you go, there are some steps to be taken before you leave. By taking these steps, you will reduce unwanted mail and notifications, and help make the GO project management more efficient. If you are not comfortable with any of the below, please let the Helpdesk know and we will do what we can.

Email the Helpdesk at
Let us know you're leaving: please include your current GO-related duties and the name(s)/contact(s) that will be taking over for you, if any. Feel free to include a note to the group if you'd like us to message the go-consortium mailing list on your behalf.
Go to GitHub Organizations Settings and select “Leave” for “geneontology”. This will also remove you from any Teams that you are a member of in the GO org.
Review your personal access tokens and consider if you should revoke them. For example, if your token is being used in an automated process, it should be migrated to another user.
We also recommend reviewing the GitHub documents on leaving a company.
GO metadata in GitHub
Please contact the Helpdesk to have this done if you’re not comfortable modifying files in GitHub.
Update status in users.yaml; consider groups, institution, and curator status.
Remove self from group-contacts.csv
Mailing lists
While the GO-friends list is public and open to anyone interested, others are internal to project members. Enter your email address into unsubscribe/reminder sections of your mailing list and follow the instructions given to unsubscribe. Some commonly subscribed lists are:
Google Drive
Transfer ownership of any files to the GOC
You can follow directions for leaving the GO Workspace (“geneontology”). Make sure that you have selected the “geneontology” workspace before proceeding.
Software group members
Make sure the following have been migrated to other developers:
  • Application, messaging, or SaS accounts
  • Repos and forks in your personal space
  • Tokens and secret URLs
  • Passwords and access for GOC infrastructure
  • Virtualized hardware and other infrastructure
  • Remove self from GO software group

Internal steps (A GO manager will do these steps for you)

Removal from Google Drive
Removal from GO Google calendar
Turn off GO wiki account

Thank you for being a part of the Gene Ontology Consortium & best wishes on your next adventure!

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Last reviewed: June 20, 2022