Minutes from IRC, 6th June 2006

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Karen: Ask Mike if a Filemaker web front end can be put on the server at Stanford.

Jen: if not possible at Stanford, mail Rex and Karen to consider other possibilities.

Rex: Rex is interested in putting reference genomes details in the database too. He will discuss at annotation camp what metrics are important. Also some metrics listed in the grant.

GO Associates

Jen: mail GO-top about members versus associates or ask management group.

Q: Restructure meetings to make more accessible to new groups. Problem of member versus associate and defining member and associate status.

Annotation tool

Alex volunteers to head this. (General agreement)

Volunteer members:

Mary dolan
David binns (GOA tool developer)
Erika Feltrin
Ask John Day-Richter

Midori asked to be kept up to date with progress.

Action Item: Jen: Communicate this plan to GO Management list and ask if it's okay to go ahead.

Alex: Start group if go-ahead is given.

Notes for further discussion

1) Evelyn mentions that GOA would like time to outreach human, mouse and rat groups.

Info about current mentoring

Michelle at TIGR mentoring PAMGO
Alex at MGI about to be mentoring ImmPort (R. Scheuermann)
Rex and DictyBase will be working with physarum and acanthamoeba.
Maria at SGD contacting some fungal groups at a meeting in a couple of weeks.

Action: Michelle will be mentoring the new E. coli group after the annotation camp.