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The Gene Ontology Consortium's Community Annotation Wiki for Muscle Biology


Welcome to the Muscle Biology Community Annotation Wiki. In the wiki are pages for 172 genes associated with muscle development and function. Please review the Gene Ontology annotation linked from the page for any gene of interest and then edit the "Community Input Section" of the wiki page to provide information about any aspect of the gene's biology in any species not captured in existing GO annotations. The information you provide will be used by trained GO annotators to create new annotations for the gene. Note that at present there is no dedicated funding to support the annotation of genes associated with muscle development and function, although some annotation of these genes occurs as part of other annotation efforts.

Muscle Development Implementation plan

Contribution from participants


Ontology work for Muscle Biology

Things left

Things left

  • Define these "response to" involved in regulation of muscle adaptation.
    • response to sustained muscle activity
    • response to acute muscle activity
    • response to strenuos muscle activity

Ask Alex Diehl for comments/advice on how to name and define terms for children of muscle plasticity that have to do with responses to sustained activity vs. short bursts, strenuous activity, etc. It would be very useful to be able to distinguish these, but there's the problem of what constituted (e.g.) "sustained" or "strenuous" activity, and whether they can be defined in an objective, species-neutral way. Make sure the "response to stimulus involved in muscle plasticity" terms are OK -- is there any precedent? If they are good to GO, there are quite a few types of stimulus to fill in (both terms and definitions). If not, figure out what names, definitions etc. to use. In any case, finish adding terms and writing defs.

  • Re-define the costamere structure: improve the structure about costamere and sarcomere

Muscle Biology Wiki Credits

  • This work stated with a Muscle Content Meeting, held in Padua, Italy in July 2007, supported by the Italian Telethon Foundation (Grant GSP04289-1B to G. Valle).
  • Muscle gene list provided by Jennifer Deegen and Erika Feltrin.
  • Wiki designed and implemented by Alexander Diehl.

Genes Involved in Muscle Biology


  • Erika Feltrin (Local organizer)
  • Jennifer Clark (GO Editorial Office organizer)
  • Giorgio Valle (Funding and recruiting experts)

Some local experts

  • prof. Pompeo Volpe
  • dr. Marco Sandri
  • dr. Paolo Laveder
  • prof. Carlo Reggiani
  • Content meeting partecipants from University of Padua;

Chiara Gardin
Paolo Laveder
Lorenza Mittempergher
Alessandra Nori
Marco Sandri
Pompeo Volpe
Stefano Campanaro

  • Content meeting external partecipants:

Jennifer Clark (GO Editorial Office, EBI)
Elisabeth Ehler (King's College, London)
Georgine Faulkner (ICGEB, Trieste)
Jennifer Fordham (King's College, London)
Midori Harris (GO Editorial Office, EBI)
Ralph Knoell (University of Goettingen)
Vincenzo Sorrentino (University of Siena)

  • David Hill and Midori Harris (Ontology Development Managers)

Meeting participant contact details:

Jennifer Clark <jdeegan at>
Elisabeth Ehler <elisabeth.ehler at>
Georgine Faulkner <faulkner at>
Jennifer Fordham <jennifer.fordham at>
Midori Harris <midori at>
Ralph Knoell <rknoell at>
Sorrentino Vincenzo <v.sorrentino at>
Chiara Gardin <chiarag at>
Paolo Laveder <laveder at>
Lorenza Mittempergher <lorimitt at>
Alessandra Nori <alessandra.nori at>
Marco Sandri <marco.sandri at>
Giorgio Valle <valle at>
Pompeo Volpe <pompeo.volpe at>
Ivano Zara <zarivan at>
Stefano Campanaro <stefano.campanaro at>