Muscle biology- Muscle Development Implementation plan

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Technology: webex and skype.
Content meeting: Planned for the last week of July (2 days beetween July 23-27)
Erika Feltrin and Jennifer Clark will meet at 11 am GMT for skype conferences every Friday to push this work through. All welcome.

Get experts and money:

  • Get Telethon funding changed from salary to meeting money (Giorgio Valle) Done
  • Find local muscle people to put in initial batch of terms from reviews. (Giorgio Valle and Erika Feltrin) Done.
  • Find more widespread muscle experts to come to content meeting and check terms. (Giorgio Feltrin and Erika Feltrin)

Set up infrastructure:

  • Erika needs to be able to commit to scratch directory. Jennifer Clark to organize this.
  • Wiki page to be set up (Jennifer Clark) Done.
  • Erika and Giorgio to get GOCwiki passwords Done
  • Software to set up at Erika Feltrin's end: Webex, skype, OBO-Edit (Erika Feltrin, Jennifer Clark) Done.
  • Erika Feltrin to join OBO-Edit working group and OBO-Edit chat as required to help deal with OBO-Edit issues. (Erika Feltrin and Jennifer Clark)
  • Local Padua experts to get OBO-Edit so they can start to edit. (Erika Feltrin and Jennifer Clark) Done.
  • Set date and work out meeting details (Local experts and Erika Feltrin) Done.

The meeting is planned for the end of July (25th-26th). Erika needs to start writing up her PhD by the end of August so we need to be completely finished by then.

Rough Timeline

February - March

Find local and remote experts. (Giorgio Valle)
Choose reviews (Local Experts)
Get infrastructure set up. (Erika Feltrin and Jennifer Clark)

April - June

Read reviews and make terms.
Continuted teaching and monitoring of term addition (Jennifer Clark and Erika Feltrin with help from Ontology working group.)
Meeting organisation (Giorgio Valle and Erika Feltrin with local assistance.)


Content meeting
All experts and Erika Feltrin, Giorgio Valle, Midori Harris, Jennifer Clark
Jane Lomax, Amelia Ireland (it depends on money)


Merge and implement terms (Jennifer Clark)
Check is_a completeness (Jennifer Clark)

  • end

Content Meeting Plan

This meeting will run for two days.
This meeting will be unusual in that it will involved two languages (English and Italian) as well as expert muscle biology knowledge and ontology expertise. In addition there are no muscle experts in the GO Editorial Office. If no one with both muscle and ontology expertise is coming then extra time and perhaps extra GO Editorial office personnel should be included to allow for this.