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Muscle 5th February 2008

Participants: Erika Feltrin, Jennifer Deegan

We emailed Genome Biology before Christmas to ask if they would be interested to publish the muscle meeting manuscript but they did not respond. This morning Jennifer rang up to ask if they would be interested and they said that we should mail them, so we are sending the same e-mail again.

If we do not get a response in a week we will phone to ask again.

After this journal we are considering NAR and the Journal of Molecular Biology.

We discussed the response to drug work. Erika is still keen to pursue this after the end of her PhD, and Tanya has suggested that the multidrug question might be taken to the consortium meeting. Jennifer is not sure that this is correct, especially as there is not currently much time to work on the topic, and Erika is not attending the meeting, but will ask Tanya for clarification.

Follow-up work: We sent the email again and Jen phoned up a week later. They say that they responded but that the mail must have gone into the spam trap both times and that they will send it again. 11th February

Muscle 4th March 2008

We are awaiting information from BMC Medical Genomics on whether the muscle paper might fit in their scope. Jen is phoning periodically to follow up on an email the Erika sent to ask about this.

11th March, 2008

Participants: Erika Feltrin, Jennifer Deegan,

We discussed plans for publication of the muscle paper.

GMC Medical Genomics has suggested that we should send the paper as a research article, and that they should be able to publish it as a communication, if we attach the email from the editor.

Erika has the latest version of the paper, with Judy's changes, not yet incorporated, and the template from the journal.

We considered who the authors on the paper should be. Erika suggests:

Erika Feltrin, Jennifer Deegan, Giorgio Valle, and the Muscle Biology GO Working Group. This would mirror the way the authors were set up on the OBO-Edit paper and seems to include everyone appropriately.

We need to acknowledge the Telethon and NIH funding. Do we also need to acknowledge EMBL funding?

For the journal we need to find four peer reviewers who have not co-published with the authors on the paper, but who are interested, and in the field.

We need to write a conclusion section, but it can be very short.

During the meeting we worked through the introduction of our current draft, incorporated Judy's changes, and made lots of further improvements. Erika is going to paste the text into the BMC Medical Genomics template before tomorrow when we meet again at 11am.

12th and 13th March, 2008

Participants: Erika Feltrin and Jennifer Deegan.

We redrafted the remainder of the paper to the structure required by BMC Medical Genomics. We now need to double-check the reference format, the grant acknowledgment and some other small details.

14th March, 2008

Participants: Erika Feltrin and Jennifer Deegan.

We put the finishing touches to our draft and it is now ready to be sent to the GO list.

[The mail to the GO list was sent later on the same day.]

26th/27th March, 10am - 11.30am

Participants: Erika Feltrin and Jennifer Deegan.

We made further revisions to the manuscript.

To do: Jen to make a screenshot to add as a figure.

9th April 2008

Erika and I had a rehearsal for her viva.

29th May

Erika and I have received the reviews of the paper now and are working to make the needed improvements. Erika is working on the figures and I am working on a more detailed description of the work on plasticity. She has written responses to the reviewers comments and also some addition to the text. I phoned the editor of the journal to ask if there may have been a mistake and if perhaps the article was reviewed as a research article instead of the correspondance article that was intended and she said that I should just note that in our response to the reviewer when we send the manuscript again.

4th June, 2008

Erika and I have been working on the rewrite of the paper. We have fixed the text and Erika has made four new figures. We will meet again tomorrow to see what remains to be done.