Muscle biology- Muscle and cardiovascular physiology commit

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Between the time of the file branching and the final commit of the cardiovascular and muscle file the following edits were carried out:

277 new terms were made.
2 term merges took place.
50 names were changed.
2 general dbxrefs were added.
128 new part_of relationships were made.
402 new is_a relationships were made.
33 part_of relationships were deleted.
67 is_a relationships were deleted.
274 definitions were added.
80 definitions were changed.
557 definition dbxrefs were added.
2 definition dbxrefs were deleted.
188 new synonyms were added.
130 syonyms were assigned a scope.
21 synonyms were deleted.
880 comments were changed.

This was found using obodiff between the parent file and the branch file, and then counting the types of different edits.

Examination of terms in the two number ranges for the two topics, and the meeting definitions dbxrefs, shows that:

In the cardiovascular physiology effort 119 new terms were added, and 23 terms were modified (renaming, moving or redefining).

In the muscle effort 159 new terms were added and 57 terms were modified.

The parent of the branch file was v 5.297 of the OBO 1.2 file gene_ontology_edit.obo.

The version of gene_ontology_edit.obo into which the file was remerged for the commit was 5.529.

The version of go/scratch/gene_ontology_cardio.obo that was remerged into the file was 1.65.