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Overview and Scope of Use

  • The 'negatively regulates' relation is used to relate two GO Biological Processes (BP) in a causal chain when:
    • the mechanism that relates the upstream process or function to the downstream process process or function is understood
    • the upstream process or function exerts its regulation via a positive effect on the enabler of a downstream function, i.e. the rate or magnitude of execution of the downstream function is increased
    • the processes or functions are not constitutive and only occur under specific conditions
    • the activities of the gene products in the upstream process or function need to occur before the activities in the downstream process or function

Annotation Usage Guidelines

Standard GO Annotation


Ontology Usage Guidelines

This relation is used in the ontology to link biological processes to biological processes. It is also used in to link biological processes to molecular functions under the '[negative regulation of molecular function]' branch, but note that this branch will be deprecated in 2023.

Relations Ontology

'negatively regulates'

Review Status

  • Last Reviewed: October 26, 2022

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