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Note that the newsletter has been discontinued as of Oct 2008. It will be replaced with a continuous news_feed

The aim of the GO newsletter is to keep our users abreast of current and future developments in the GO, and to inform them about our resources and meetings. The newsletter is quarterly; the first issue came out in May 2006. It is is put together by the newsletter working group, with contributions from the whole GO consortium.

There is an HTML version and a PDF version of the newsletter. The PDF format is made using a template. Template are available in Illustrator format and Word format.

Both versions are checked into CVS. The current versions are named current-newsletter.pdf and current-newsletter.shtml in the newsletter/ directory. In addition, an additional copy of each is placed in the newsletter/archive/ directory named [YYYYMM].html and [YYYYMM].pdf. See the ftp directory for more details:

Finally, the newsletter is emailed to GO-friends with short summaries of each article in the newsletter. Links to view the newsletter online in HTML or PDF format are included in the email. For example, view the email for the first newsletter.

Future Newsletter Items

There is also a newsletter items page for collecting ideas for future issues of the newsletter.

Previous Editions:

May 2008

February 2008

November 2007

August 2007

May 2007

Feb 2007

Nov 2006

August 2006

May 2006