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Noctua Landing Page

The Noctua landing page is the portal by which curators can browse, search and filter models. It is also the starting point for curation and where individual GPAD and OWL files for a model can be downloaded.

By default, the Noctua landing page displays models by date, descending order, i.e. the most recently edited models are shown at the top of the list.

Note that curators must be logged into Noctua to create new models or edit existing models.

Noctua Landing Page

Filtering Models

There are two ways to filter models:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper left
  2. Click on the metadata icons to the right of the model title in the table.
Filtering Options

Filtering with the Magnifying Glass

Clicking on the magnifying glass opens up a menu of filter options:

  1. Ontology term (autocomplete)
  2. Gene product (autocomplete)
  3. Reference (enter/return or PMID lookup, enter/return)
  4. Organism (drop-down list)
  5. Contributor (autocomplete and drop-down list)
  6. Groups (autocomplete and drop-down list)
  7. Exact date (enter YYYY-MM-DD/return or calendar, select/return)
  8. Date range (enter YYYY-MM-DD/return or calendar, select/return)
  9. Title (enter/return)
  10. State (drop-down list)
Filtering Options