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 The 'Help' button currently links to Noctua; the proposal is to reduce the contents to what is in this page

Noctua: the Gene Ontology's GO Annotation Tool Suite

Noctua is a web-based annotation tool developed by the GO Consortium. Noctua can be used to create standard GO annotations as well as GO-CAMs (Gene Ontology Causal Activity Models) in a collaborative manner, i. e. multiple users can work on the same model at the same time.

More general information about the GO ontology, GO annotations and GO annotation guidelines can be found here: Annotation (to be updated as well)

New Users: Getting started with Noctua

GO-CAMs can be browsed using Noctua, but no annotations can be created or edited unless a user is logged in with a registered account.

User Account Setup

  • If you are part of a GO Consortium member group (list?), and you will be curating GO standard annotations and GO-CAM models using Noctua, please enter a ticket on the helpdesk repo in github. Note that to create a Noctua account, you will need an ORCID and a github account.
  • If you are not part of a GO Consortium member group, and you want to browse GO-CAM models, visit the GO-CAM Browser site of the GO website. If you would like a Noctua account, please email to explain why you would like a Noctua account. The GO Helpdesk will guide you to meet your specific needs.


  • To log in, click on the Login button in the upper right corner of the landing page.
  • On the resulting page click on "Sign in with Github."
  • When your identity has been authenticated, press the "Return" button to return to the Noctua landing page.

Navigation: The Noctua Landing Page

The Noctua Landing Page is the portal by which curators can browse or search and filter models. It is also the starting point for curation and where individual GPAD and OWL files for a model can be downloaded. More details about the functionality of the Noctua Landing Page can be found here Noctua#Noctua_Landing_Page  to be moved to its own page

Noctua Curation interfaces

Noctua has four curation interfaces suited for

  • The Pathway Editor is designed for curating GO-CAM models, i.e. models that include at least two activities/MFs linked by causal relations.
  • The Form Editor is a structured annotation form that is recommended for creating 'standard' GO annotations.
  • The Graph Editor is a generic tool to link individual annotations and is only recommended for advanced uses.
  • The Annotation Review tool serves to do bulk updates on annotations.

Accessing, browsing and searching GO-CAMs
Topic Status Last reviewed
Browsing and searching annotations and models To be reviewed
Noctua Curation interfaces
Visual Editor Current 2022-05-05
Form Editor Draft
Graph Editor Draft
Annotation Review Tool Current 2021-05-26
Form Editor Molecular Function
Biological Process
Cellular Component
Graph Editor Molecular Function
Biological Process
Cellular Component
Adding contextual information (annotation extensions)
Form Editor Molecular Function
Biological Process
Cellular Component
Graph Editor Molecular Function
Biological Process
Cellular Component
Editing annotations
Form Editor
Graph Editor
Creating GO-CAMs
Creating an activity unit Form Editor
Graph Editor
Linking Activities Form Editor
Graph Editor
Model metadata
Model titles General Guidelines
Graph Editor
Releasing models to production Form Editor Form Editor]
Graph Editor
Other tips and tricks Adding a NOT qualifier to an annotation
Importing existing annotations
Changing annotation group
Model validation
Running the reasoner
Viewing GPAD export]
Using templates

Review Status

Draft: 2022-09-29 Pascale Gaudet