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Ontology Development Report - Nov 2010

I. Ontology Development


  • Items opened: 97
  • Items closed: 117
  • Items still open: 228
    • assigned: 179
    • unassigned: 49

Completed items

  • 100% of GO terms now defined! [all, but Midori did last push]
  • Kidney terms finished [David]
  • Various SourceForge items [mainly Midori and Becky]

Content items in progress

  • Sent a proposal for simplifying the high level signaling terms to the experts and signaling WG. Will be send round to the GO Consortium for comment later today. [Becky and signaling WG]
  • Continued submitting missing GOCHE terms to CHEBI [Jane and Harold]
  • Editing GOCHE [David, Harold, Jane, Midori, Tanya, Chris]
  • Clarification of placement and definitions for transcription cofactor, coactivator, and corepressor and addition of new terms for subtypes [Karen and David]


  • GOCHE paper editing continues [David, Tanya, Jane, Chris, Midori, Harold]

Anything else

  • Jane off on maternity leave until June 2011
  • Paola Roncaglia will be joining EBI-GO group as a new ontology editor on March 1 2011
  • Organising signaling ontology workshop for Feb 2011 [Becky]
  • Organising GOCHE meeting for Feb 2011 [David, Harold, Midori, Tanya, Chris]

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