November2010 Annotation Advocacy Report

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Annotation Documentation

First draft of Col. 16 cell type documentation went out to GO list for comment on 11th November.

Annotation Jamboree

The annotation jamboree happened in the first week of November. Curators annotated two papers on yeast transcription and the annotations were collated for comparison. A call-based discussion happened on 8th November.

Special thanks to KarenC (SGD) for walking through the details of the paper and for helping with the minutes.

Highlights from the discussion: 1) Can one use RNA pol II terms even if the authors don't mention it in the paper 2) Annotating to Promoter binding 3) Making an IC for a Process term based on the MF annotation (how granular can one go for the P term?) 4) Nitrogen catabolites- nitrogen in the media vs nitrogen that is stored.

Please read the minutes for more details on these topics and more.

The minutes of the jamboree are here. This page also contains links to the collated annotations.

Annotation Call

The next annotation call will be held on 13th December. The topic is has_part relationship and the agenda is here.

Suggestions for future topics can be added to the wiki page (please include your name);