OBO-Edit: Adding to the OBO-Edit help guide

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If you would like to add a page to the OBO-Edit help guide then here are some hints.

The formatting is easy; you just copy an existing page and add your text into it. You then need to add the page name to docs/OBO-Edit.jhm and docs/OBO-EditTOC.xml (and indexer.cfg but I think that's just for the JavaHelp tool). Don't change toc.html; that is autogenerated by ant ("ant docindex").

When you run "ant docindex", it creates a directory docs/JavaHelpSearch, which confuses svn the next time you try to update:

svn: Directory 'docs/JavaHelpSearch/.svn' containing working copy admin area is missing

You can fix this by just removing that directory:

rm -rf docs/JavaHelpSearch/

Hooking up the ? button on a component titlebar to the appropriate help page is easy. In the factory for that component, just override getHelpTopicID with the name of the help page (WITHOUT the .htm suffix). For example, ConfigurationManagerFactory has:

        public String getHelpTopicID() {
                return "Configuration_Manager";