OBO-Edit: Installing the Term Image Plugin

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The Term Image Display Plugin

The Term Image Display Panel enables users to view an image that is connected to an ontology term. For example, in the GO cellular component ontology a user can select the term 'Chloroplast' in the Ontology Editor Panel, and view images of chloroplasts in the Term Image Display Panel.

NOTE: As of OBO-Edit version 2-b40, the Term Image Display Panel is now a real OBO-Edit component rather than a plug-in. The user doesn't have to do anything to install it--it's included in OE2.

Getting the Source

This component is currently available as a plugin. It requires a bit of work to get it and set it up. First you need to obtain the OBO, BBOP, and OBO-Edit source code, if you don't already have it. You then need to check out the plugin source code from https://geneontology.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/geneontology/java/oboedit-plugins/ . If you're running from the shell, go to the directory where you want the plugin code to go. Then say:
svn co https://geneontology.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/geneontology/java/oboedit-plugins/ plugins

Building imageplugin.jar

Go to the plugins/ImagePlugin directory. Now edit build.xml to tell it where to find the BBOP, OBO, and OBO-Edit code relative to the current directory. You should then be able to build the jar by saying "ant".

Where to put imageplugin.jar

OBO-Edit looks for jars in two places:

  1. The directory <OBO-Edit Installation Dir>/extensions
  2. The directory <Your OBO-Edit Configuration Dir>/extensions

I would suggest the first one, since you may end up deleting your configuration directory if it clashes with a future OBO-Edit version. You will probably need to create the extensions subdirectory in your OBO-Edit directory before you can copy imageplugin.jar to it.

Adding term images

OBO-Edit looks for images in the directory <Your OBO-Edit Configuration Dir>/images

The images are associated with terms by the term IDs. For example, if you wanted to have an image of a chromosome show up when the user selects "chromosome" (GO:0005694), you'd save the chromosome image in a file called GO_0005694.jpg and put it in the images subdirectory in your configuration directory.

Launching the term image plugin

Once you've put imageplugin.jar in the appropriate place, restart OBO-Edit. You should see the menu item "Term Image Display Panel" in the Show -> Info menu.