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ICBO, Buffalo, NY

1. OBO-Edit2 Tutorial presented at ICBO 2009 in Buffalo
David Osumi-Sutherland, FlyBase
Outlines theory of OBO relations and how they relate to definitions: specifying necessary vs necessary and sufficient conditions for class membership. Also covers: hidden assertions, redundancy, using terms from foreign ontologies, using the reasoners, reasoner enabled searching, asserting inferred classifications. The tutorial uses this example ontology.

2. Chris Mungall's slides: Cross Product Extensions to the Gene Ontology


1. 'Building Maintainable, interconnected anatomy ontologies.'
David Osumi-Sutherland, FlyBase.
This poster was presented at 3rd International Boicuration Conference in Berlin, April 2009. It includes examples of using using necessary and sufficient definitions, AKA intersections, to compute an is_a hierarchy using the OBO-Edit reasoner and uses figures generated using the OBO-Edit graph editor. However it doesn't provide any details of how OBO-Edit was used to generate these definitions, or to render the graphs shown in the figures. This is covered in the additional information posted here.

2. Poster on the Virtual Fly Brain project presented at ICBO
David Osumi-Sutherland, FlyBase
Not very OBO-Edit focused but has examples of formalising class (type) definitions and formal definitions of instance level relations.