OBO-Edit 1.1 Testing Tasks

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A Friendly Reminder About Testing

Remember that testing includes both testing the feature and making sure that the user's guide documentation is correct/extant.

When a test is complete (and OBO-Edit works correctly) please edit this wiki so that the test name is struck out . That way we can tell what's left to do.

Task Assignments

  • Tanya
    • Search panel
  • Melissa
    • DAG Viewer
    • Selection Paths
    • Reasoned Prefilters
    • Windows launcher
  • Amelia Alex & Midori
    • Text editor - In progress; testing beta12 reveals old bugs out, new bugs in.
  • Jane
    • obomerge
    • Verification System
  • Jen
    • obomerge - in progress
    • layouts - in progress, some confusing bugs and error messages found. Trying to work out how to report these.
    • scripting - I just found the API docs in the installer. :-)
    • script editor
  • Harold
    • GraphViz
    • Load/Save Profiles
  • John
    • Linux/Unix launchers
  • Alex
    • Mac Launcher -- Passed the test exactly as described below.
  • Karen E
    • new obo save features --tested save implied link, with and without check box "realize implied links" These work as expected. The Users guide contain a nice section on saving implied links under the heading "The OBO adapter"
  • Karen C
    • obo2obo
    • obodiff

Task Notes

Testing Launchers

Testing a launcher includes the following steps:

  • Launch the program normally
  • Load the GO
    • OBO-Edit should load the GO correctly
  • Reset the memory to 12M
  • Restart OBO-Edit
  • Try to load the GO
    • An out of memory message should appear (this indicates that the launchers are reading the memory settings correctly)
  • Uninstall and re-install OBO-Edit
  • Start OBO-Edit
  • Load the GO
    • An out of memory message should appear again (this indicates that the installer is restoring the memory settings correctly)
  • Restart OBO-Edit
  • Reset the memory to its original setting
  • Restart OBO-Edit
  • Load the GO
    • It should load successfully