OBO-Edit development Monthly Report, June 2009

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Bugs fixed:

Jen Deegan and Nicolas Rodriguez:
Graphviz uses a lot of memory when you assign dbxrefs: ID: 2057452
Examined Graphviz Component performance using YourKit profiler and the IBM Java Health Centre profiler.
The Graphviz interface redraws have been removed for the bulk addition of dbxrefs. Now there is only one redraw at the end of the bulk process. This gives a significant speed gain, and reduced the likelyhood of OBO-Edit crashing with a memory error in the middle of an editing session.

New features in progress:

Jennifer Deegan and Nicolas Rodriguez
Tag filtering being added to the 'save as' dialogue box.
The feature is currently working for one file but not for multiple files at the same time.
Tag filter will provide significant advantages for those projects that involve editing with multiple ontology files, including the cross product projects and the trigger file project.