OBO-Edit development Monthly Report, May 2009

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Jen Deegan

  • Profiling OBO-Edit with the IBM Health Centre and then with YourKit.
  • Found that the feature in the dbxref library that adds multiple dpxrefs at once can be significantly speeded up by removing OTE redraws and possibly commits.
  • Graphviz viewer seems to be very slow because of large numbers of int arrays that are required for jpegs. Perhaps a different image format or more controlled image size or resolution would help with this.
  • Made mock-up of new filtered save interface: OEWG_20090602
  • Fixed this bug: history browser. It is still open as I found some potentially useful further improvements that could be made while working on it, and am awaiting feedback from the user.
  • Visited Royal Society of Chemistry to see a bug that Colin Batchelor is seeing in OBO-Edit2.
  • Added a feature that lets OBOMerge report when any kind of edit is carried out on the same term in both the live and branch files.