OEWG 20090106

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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday January 6th, 2008 9.30 a.m. PST

Agenda/Chair: Amina
Minutes: Amina

Attendees: Midori, Melissa, KarenC, Tanya, Amina

Action items carried over

Discussion Items

  • Happy New Year Working Group!
  • Testing Update
  • Pending edits pop-up
  • Amina:
    • Ontology Generation Plugin
    • Sequence Ontology usable in OBO-Edit2 - b53 onwards
  • Midori:
    • Metadata OK
    • Parent Editor OK
    • Commit bug
    • Dbxref bug
    • Out next week - Will be going to Oxford for a Cell Ontology Workshop.
  • Melissa:
    • editing hiatus
    • more testing coming up
  • Tanya:
    • Chris and DavidH visiting Stanford next week

Action Items

  • Set deadline for testing

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