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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday February 3rd, 2008 9.30 a.m. PST

Agenda/Chair: Jen
Minutes: Amina

Attendees: Midori, Jen, Tanya, Chris and Amina

Action items carried over


Working Group:

  • Intensive testing and bug reporting.
  • Update wiki and tracker items.

Discussion items

  • beta54 out yesterday.
  • Implied link search bug fix details
  • [ 2309391 ] OE2 handling of unrecognized relation (text editor et al.)


  • OE should handle errors gracefully.
  • Jen and Midori:
    • Verification manager combobox pop-up bug while editing.
    • OTE right click drag menu options show up while browsing terms.
  • Tanya:
    • b54 OTE lag with reasoner on.
    • Replacing config files fixes the pending edits bug while adding dbxrefs.
  • Jen:
    • Please report help pages that need to be updated.
    • TreeViewer fixes.
    • Graph Editor and Graphviz viewer bugs fixed and both now should be ready to go.
  • Bugs:

Ancestor and Descendant search yield similar results.
Amina: Investigating both these bugs.

Action Items

Working Group:

  • Testing and tracker updates
  • Assess OE2 usability and report personal checkpoints needed for OE2 release.


  • All high priority bugs


  • Fix remaining Tree Viewer bugs.


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