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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday February 10th, 2008 9.30 a.m. PST

Agenda/Chair: Amina Minutes: Midori Attendees: Amina, Harold, Jen, Karen C, Chris, Midori, David OS

Action items carried over

Working Group:

  • Testing and tracker updates
    • Amina has updated wiki
    • Undesired popup menu should be fixed - Jen will test
  • Assess OE2 usability and report personal checkpoints needed for OE2 release.


  • All high priority bugs


  • Fix remaining Tree Viewer bugs.

Discussion items

  • fly_anatomy_xp problem - b54 seizes up, as described in bug report:
David will send Amina some specific searches, etc. to help debug
Also, some changes needed for logging - Amina will fix
  • Dictionary - David having problems, but it's fine for Amina; Jen & Midori haven't tested it so far
group brings Harold up to speed on built-in dictionary updates
  • Midori finding b54 more stable than b53
  • Jen sees The Menu appear in b55 (from svn)
more explanation of the bug from Midori & Jen -- menu appears when NOT dragging at all
Amina - you can copy the OE2 dictionary files into your OE1 folder if you want
  • Chris: how many high-priority bugs left? can we estimate release date?
    • Amina: 14 bugs with priority >5; working on about 10 right now; mostly look tractable
    • clarifying threshold for fixing bugs - do bugs at 5 need fixing for release? agreed 6 or above must be fixed, and wg members should review all bugs at 5 and raise or lower priority
  • Is testing (task list and actual testing) comprehensive enough?
    • Midori: as far as I can tell, the list covers enough
    • several wg members agree OTE is good to go (apart from rogue popup menu)
    • Midori: parent editor fine; text editor almost there
    • David: text editor xp bug looks fixed; will test further soon
    • Midori: upping priority on a graph viewer bug
    • some discussion of disappearing zoom control -- affects graph viewer as well as graph editor, so increase priority; Amina will /look into more sophisticated control
    • also a bit of discussion on GV/GE default zoom - sometimes autoscale makes term look quite big
  • Documentation - Jen has mismatch between doc software key and available versions; Amina & Jen to handle offline

Action Items

  • Amina to fix logging
  • continue testing
  • continue fixing bugs


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